• BinaryVR Dev Kit V1

    Real-time Facial Tracking Solution


    Price for the Dev Kit V1 is $349,
    excluding shipping fees, taxes, and customs.
    For further questions, contact us through contact@binaryvr.com

  • Dev Kit V1 tracks facial expressions in real-time enabling immersive experience in VR communications.


    Express sentimental context sophisticatedly

    Avatar Experience

    Transform into an avatar with one's own expression


    Communicate with multiple users in depth


    Enrich engagement through convincing depiction of humanity

  • Technical Specification

    Detailed Facial Capture

    BinaryVR Dev Kit V1 captures detailed facial expression features on the mouth, chin, and cheek and outputs the continuous expression parameters in real-­time such as jaw open, smile, kiss, puff and much more.

    Fast Calibration

    A few second’s of initial calibration on the user’s face builds the personalized facial tracking model, which is used by BinaryVR Dev Kit V1 to achieve high fidelity facial expression tracking results on each user.

    Capture without Latency

    With minimal latency from the video capture to character animation, our tracking system achieves great quality in the lip animation synced with audio.

  • Compatibility

    Support: HTC Vive, Oculus CV1, OSVR, DPVR, FOVE

    Software Function: C++ SDK, Native Unity plugin for Windows 7,8,10.

  • Kit Package


    Available for Oculus, Vive, OSVR, DPVR

    USB Cable

    USB AM Micro B

    Expression Capturing Camera

    Infrared and 3D capture

    C++ & Unity SDK

    Avatar animation control algorithm

  • Use Cases

    Real-time facial tracking solution is a technology for humanity. It allows us to communicate with other naturally. The technology is fundamental for VR to become another reality.


    Multi-Player Gaming


    Social Media



  • Multi-Player Gaming

    Immersive Avatar Experience

    BinaryVR's facial tracking solution enables multi-player gaming to be immersive and engaging. Games present one the delight of having an alternate identity to begin a new experience. A player becomes part of the mafia, a poker player, or one 's favorite character from a TV show. Facial expression is essential for stepping ahead from controlling to being a character inside of games. Share your act of the innocence, bluffing, and the thrill of victory on your face with other players.


    Effective Communication

    VR created new opportunities to provide business, services regardless of limits of space. It is now possible to discuss business from remote places and have a conference call standing next to 3D prototype models or inside of the simulation. Facial expressions reinforce one to deliver emotion richly to convey coherent context in communication. The technology is crucial for industries where trust or intimacy is necessary for the service such as sales, education, and counseling.

    Social Media

    Intuitive Expression Sharing

    BinaryVR's facial tracking solution enables social media to be more connected. Social media has developed from text, calling, video, now to VR to get 'closer to the real world.' Users will feel a sense of reality at a VR talk show or a concert with facial expressions. Users can share thoughts in a natural, closer way inside of one's social community. Our partner, 'High Fidelity' uses our solution to enable users to communicate naturally in VR social platform.


    Price for the Dev Kit V1 is $349,
    excluding shipping fees, taxes, and customs.
    For further questions, contact us through contact@binaryvr.com

  • Note

    BinaryVR Dev Kit V1 allows developers to incorporate our facial tracking technology into their applications through the Dev Kit V1 for advanced VR experiences.


    The SDK outputs 22 facial expression parameters. We will provide you the avatar rigs with the matching facial expression controls to show the facial retargeting examples. Please contact us to learn what’s need to enable facial expressions on your avatars.


    The pictured product contents may be subject to change.