• Bring Humanity Into Virtual Reality


    BinaryVR builds genuine social experiences inside of virtual worlds. From text, image, video to VR, online socializing becomes more immersive. We are at the moment of the paradigm shift where we begin to interact with friends in a virtual world. BinaryVR strongly believes that one will only be truly connected with others when one can express one’s own emotion. BinaryVR’s facial tracking solution enables users to be fully expressive while delivering the context as it is. We imagine VR becoming an another reality - where people smile inside of VR.


    BinaryVR develops facial tracking solutions for both VR and Mobile. In these two fields where the landscape is constantly growing in a dynamic range, we challenge ourselves to develop the core technology based on computer vision deep learning. The core technology supports users to become engaged while communicating with each other in both fields. Top tier computer engineers working at BinaryVR internally develop the commercialized solutions while keeping up with the latest academic research. We consistently enhance the agility, accuracy, and reliability up to the highest level in the industry.