Jihun Yu


    Jihun Yu has Ph.D in Computer Science at New York University and worked for Industrial Light and Magic (VFX division of LucasFilm), where he did research and development on the facial motion capture technology for feature films.

    Jungwoon Park


    Jungwoon received his Ph.D. in Mathematics at New York University, where he researched random matrix theory and integrable systems. His recent interests are computer vision and machine learning. He also worked as a quantitative analyst at Barclays Capital in NY.

    Kenneth Ryu


    Kenneth served as VP of Operations at Playnery for over 2 years, where he was responsible for launching two mobile game titles in the global market. He earned an MBA at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

    Junggun Lim

    VP, Software Development

    As an IOI gold medalist, Junggun is a software engineer with strong algorithm and mathematics background. He designed data systems at NCsoft and Devsisters and also developed Pano Tuner, a popular guitar tuning app. He received his MS in computer science at KAIST.

    Yoonbae Kim

    Art Director

    Yoonbae is an art director with extensive experience in game and movie production artwork. He participated in distinguished projects in interactive media with Magic Leap, Google, VOID and Epic games while he was at ILMxLAB. He was a lead artist in Lucasfilm and worked on modeling and look development for real-time characters and environment.

    Stanley Yeo

    Software Engineer

    Stanley, another IOI medalist, was a full-stack software engineer at Airbnb and did his engineering co-op at Facebook. He earned his bachelor's degree in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University.

    Taeyoon Lee

    Software Engineer

    Taeyoon is a born problem solver with deep interest in programming contests as well as 3D Graphics programming. His career from competing in the ACM-ICPC World Finals in 2008 to developing Sahwal.com and Daily Go Problem, tsumego apps on mobile, is connected through the desire of problem-solving.

    Daniel Keyes

    Software Engineer

    Daniel’s interest has always been in the dynamics and physics of the 3D graphics and computer vision fields. His projects in the ETH Zurich Master's program reflect this. He cultivated his skills at Two Sigma, Google, and Facebook internships while studying at Georgia Tech for his BS, which attests his programming ability.

    Janna Jung

    Marketing Manager

    Janna studied cultural anthropology at Yonsei University along with enthusiasm in the high-tech industry. Her marketing ideas and strategies are based on deep understanding of the core value regarding human nature.


    We are always looking for talented individuals with a passion for technology in computer vision field. Don't hesitate to contact us!


    Philip Rosedale


    As a lifelong entrepreneur and technology innovator, Philip was CTO @ RealNetworks, and the founder and CEO of the virtual world Second Life @ Linden Lab. He is cofounder @ High Fidelity, a creator of a social virtual reality world.

    I.T. Shin


    I.T. Shin is a very successful serial entrepreneur and one of his companies, OGQ, is best known with OGQ Backgrounds, a mobile image platform app which has recorded over 100m downloads in Google Play and others. He is also deeply interested in social profit and has so far invested in 2 social enterprises.

    David Barron


    David is an advisor and mentor in the Silicon Valley startup community and has spent his career commercializing new technologies involving the telecommunications, media & entertainment, consumer electronics and information technology industries with companies such as Apple, AT&T, Disney, Microsoft, and Motorola.