We work with great partners to create more interconnected social VR community.

    Orbbec 3D

    Orbbec provides intelligent computing 3D cameras and silicon chips as an initial pioneer in accelerating 3D revolution and its ecosystem.

    Holotech Studios

    Holotech Studios aims to contribute to the field of animation and performance capture research while creating something truly unique and memorable on both desktops and mobiles.


    FACE, Face And Communication Entertainment, creates expressive avatars in real-time to foster interactive communication and entertainment in VR.

    High Fidelity

    High Fidelity is building the open-source platform that will power the shared virtual reality spaces of tomorrow.

    pmd technology

    pmdtec is a leading provider of Time-of-Flight 3D chip technology for touchless gesture recognition, HMI, augmented reality applications and more.


    We appreciate every support we get from our investors who believe in our technology and vision.