• HyprFace

    Real-time Facial Expression Tracking Solution to Empower 3D Character

    HyprFace’s facial expression capture technology including the eye gaze and the tongue tracking enables perfected animation to present engaging avatar experience. The markerless capture technology from depth sensors outputs expression values, and they are automatically projected into any pre-rigged 3D character in real-time.

  • Technical Specification

    +50 Tracked Expressions

    Each distinct expression type is measured as a continuous value. The combination of all the values forms one’s facial expression frame by frame.

    Eye Gaze Tracking

    Based on the pupil & iris tracking and the head pose detection, it calculates eye gaze vector to accurately animate the 3D character’s eye motion.

    Tongue Tracking

    The algorithm detects the location of one’s tongue and its direction. Tongue tracking function supports a wider variety of facial expressions to be animated.

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    HyprFace is now in closed beta for select partners. We will announce when HyprFace moves to open beta. Sign up to keep up with the latest developments!​