• Demo Video

    Check out new possibilities with BinaryVR technology and our partners.

  • AR Demo

    Fanisko collaborated with BinaryVR and BinaryFace SDK to build CSK AR APP.

    KT Interactive Game

    KT integrated BinaryFace into its smart speaker AR gaming content for kids.

  • VR Demo

    The video demonstrates real-time motion capture technology and the actual process.

    This video was displayed at Unity Unite 2017 to show full body & facial control utilizing BinaryVR facial tracking technology.

    FACE integrated BinaryVR facial tracking system and FOVE eye tracking to develop fully expressive avatars.

    With DPVR E3 eye tracker and BinaryVR’s dev kit, DPVR demoed full facial tracking at DPVR E3 launch event.

    BinaryVR's real-time facial tracking system has been integrated into High Fidelity and its avatars.

    2015 December Demo

    BinaryVR facial tracking system added calibration mode for anyone to apply BinaryVR’s facial tracking solution easily.