Ships January 2017

  • About Dev Kit V1

    Dev Kit V1 enables interactive & immersive experience in VR communications with real-time facial tracking.


    Express diverse emotions inside of VR

    Avatar Experience

    Allow your avatars to have facial expressions


    Communicate interactively with multiple users


    Develop genuine immersion unlike before

  • Compatibility

    Support for HTC Vive & Oculus CV1

    Software Function

    C++ SDK, Native Unity plugin for Windows 7,8,10.

    Capture Every Detail of Facial Motion

    BinaryVR Dev Kit V1 captures detailed facial expression features on the mouth, chin and cheek and outputs the continuous expression parameters in real-­time such as jaw open, smile, kiss, puff and many more.

    Capture without Latency

    With minimal latency from the video capture to character animation, our tracking system achieves great quality in the lip animation synced with audio.

    Fast Calibration

    A few second’s of initial calibration on the user’s face builds the personalized facial tracking model, which is used by BinaryVR Dev Kit V1 to achieve high fidelity facial expression tracking results on each user.

  • What can we do with BinaryVR Dev Kit V1?

    Real-time facial tracking solution is not just a new technology.

    It allows all of us to communicate with others naturally in VR - like how we are used to.

    That is why our Dev Kit 1 is fundamental for a fun, connected, and effective VR experience in many ways.


    Multi-Player Gaming


    Social Media



  • Multi-Player Gaming

    Fun: Immersive Avatar Experience

    Unique, Interactive, Captivating

    BinaryVR's facial tracking solution enables multi-player gaming to be immersive and engaging.


    In card games or the game 'Mafia,' players can act subtly with facial expression. Players can be their favorite characters but with their unique expressions that project to their characters. Players can interact with their friends more in their community with their own expression.

    Social Media

    Connected: Intuitive Expression Sharing

    Life-Like, Comfortable, Intrinsic

    BinaryVR's facial tracking solution enables social media to be more connected.


    Social media has developed from text, calling, video, now to VR to get 'closer to the real world.' Users will feel a sense of reality at a VR talk show or a concert with facial expressions. Users can share thoughts in a natural, closer way inside of one's social community. Our partner, 'High Fidelity' uses our solution to enable users communicate naturally in VR social platform.


    Effective: Better Communitcation

    Explicit, Emotional, Efficient
    BinaryVR's facial tracking solution enables enterprises to communicate more effectively.


    Facial expressions provide users with accurate communication in VR conference calling/meeting or with simulations. Also it provides users to exchange emotions such as trust. It can be used in education, counselling, sales industries for effective communication.

  • Kit Package


    available for Oculus & Vive

    Expression Capturing Camera

    Infrared and 3D capture

    USB Cable

    USB AM Micro B

    C++ & Unity SDK

    avatar animation control algorithm


    Ships January 2017

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    Price for the Dev Kit V1 is $349, excluding shipping fees, taxes and customs.

    For further questions, contact us through contact@binaryvr.com

  • Note

    BinaryVR Dev Kit V1 allows developers to incorporate our facial tracking technology into their applications through the Dev Kit V1 for advanced VR experiences.


    The SDK outputs 20 facial expression parameters. We will provide you the avatar rigs with the matching facial expression controls to show the facial retargeting examples. Please contact us to learn what’s need to enable facial expressions on your avatars.


    The pictured product contents may be subject to change.